“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it & live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. That is way great spiritual giants are produced.”

~Swami Vivekananda.

Directors Message

Having founded Water Bird Water Treatment Chemicals LLC in the late 80’s with sheer ambition, aspirations and a colossal aim, it has been a great journey and a wondrous experience. The people who I have met and the people, who I have faced, hold upon this company a great impact and have built up my determination through these years.

The words to support my approach in achieveing my colossal aim’s are the perfect expressions put forth by Swami Vivekananda, that have brought me to this pedestal today. These words along with the support and back up of the staff at water Bird have made the successful completion of 20 glorious years seem like a dream come true.

Water Bird Water Treatment Chemicals LLC is a visionary company that has continuously proved its impact within and outside the UAE. With a number of reliable suppliers world wide and a strong procurement team Water Bird has been able to gain tremendous added value and cost advantages that is evidently passed on to the customers. We along with these companies maintain a high level of quality, precision and perseverance, in our day to day tasks as well as for the future of water needs.

Globalization being one of the biggest developments in the global market today plays a very important role in helping us keep at pace with changing requirements. Having targeted a large number of countries outside the Middle East and providing them with our wide range of products and services has made it possible for us to gain a title of “economies of scale providers”.

Since when we founded out company, I have always understood the need to be independent and build on my own values and learning techniques. Back in the day I gather my knowledge through reading and problem solving. My curiosity helped me gain experience that helped me progress. These values are still being instilled in the family members of water bird today. We believe in a decentralized approach to management, where everyone is encouraged to create solutions and make decisions, while developing them selves in a way they feel suitable and comfortable. These methods have proved to create a great deal of reliability and flexibility in our functions and operations.

Our recent accreditations have made us quality perfectionists. Quality is at the forefront of our service provision. I previously have and continue to seek for outstanding performance and sheer determination towards a golden tomorrow. We instate these values in our every functional link, making us one with our every purpose. With water bird looking for newer developments and larger projects, it is evident to me that this company has moved past its dream to achieve something that is larger. Something that is dynamic, building and adding to our momentum!

John Samuel
Managing Director


Water Bird

Established in the ’80s, Water Bird has now become the one-stop solution to address all needs on the water and wastewater treatment front. Our vast experience combined with the technical support/back up of all our principles has time and again reiterated our commitment to answering Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic water treatment needs.

Headquartered in Dubai, with branch office in abu dhabi, providing quality service is a priority to us. We function as a cohesive unit becoming part of the client’s fraternity to endure trouble-free operation, ably supported by our trained team of Chemical and Mechanical engineers and their service support personnel.


Water Bird has pioneered the Total Water Management concept in this part of the world. Established in the late ’80s, Water Bird has now become the one-stop solution to address all needs on the water treatment front. Water Bird Water Treatment chemicals evolved as a dream……..a dream to be recognized as the most trusted name in providing solutions in treating and conserving a very precious commodity – WATER. Conceived in 1990, Water Bird has grown in line with its dream and today, is considered the one-stop solution in water treatment in the U.A.E. Diversifying into Process chemicals to cater to the challenging Refinery, Petrochemicals, and Lubricants industrial sector has rendered Water Bird the all-round strength to function as a single-source vendor for water treatment and process chemicals specific to that sector. Water Bird specializes in offering a TEAM approach to its customers becoming one with their needs in optimizing plant economics for chemicals and utilities. Total Water Management is another important area competently offered by Water Bird.

Water Treatment: Exclusive representations of many globally renowned water treatment companies in the U.A.E, have greatly enabled Water Bird in qualifying as a quality driven company. The focus is definitely on product and service qualities. Starting its journey in Water Treatment Chemicals, today, Water Bird caters to all areas of water treatment including filtration and purification equipment, metering equipment like diaphragm pumps, inline water quality monitors & controllers, effluent treatment requirements…… the list is ever-growing. Our expertise in designing water treatment and purification systems incorporating state-of-art technology and involving the right chemical treatment philosophies have received rich accolades from all our satisfied and therefore, loyal customers.