Speciality Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals in water and waste water treatment are those chemicals that are engineered to specifically meet the requirements of a system – be it for the purpose of Coagulation/Flocculation, Sludge de-watering, De-foaming, Scale prevention, Odor control, Heavy metal removal etc.

Water Bird offers a wide range of specific products and technical services to meet the process requirements. Our technical team provides its services by conducting on-site jar tests/effective plant trials and troubleshooting the system wherever necessary in order to enhance system performance by recommending right products at optimum dosage thus reducing cost in process operations leading to increased efficiency and overall savings.

Our products include

  • Organic and inorganic coagulants to enhance solid-liquid separation specifically formulated for industrial and municipal waste water treatment applications.
  • Flocculants for solid-liquid separation.
  • Polymers: Organic based polymers for the purpose of de-coloration, which also contributes to the reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand {COD} in specific types of Waste Water that is contaminated with color. Comprehensive range of powder and liquid emulsion polymers to cover all kinds of de-watering systems, water and waste water treatment applications.
  • De-foamers for foam prevention in all types of water and waste water treatment processes.
  • Bio-degradable range of environmental friendly products (Enzymes and Live Bacterial Cultures) for various applications.
  • Scale preventive chemicals for ETP and STP systems.
  • A wide range of RO membrane anti-scalants (4 to 6 types for various types of water – Low/high brackish, sea water, TSE Water, High silica prevention etc.)
  • Cleaning chemicals and biocides for all types of RO/UF membranes (Liquid/Powder Form)
  • Magnesia Food Grade Minerals for Bottled Water .